Hopium Defi ECO System

for the cryptocurrency economy

Hopium Ecosystem is committed to becoming the leader on the next-generation SocialFi circuit and playing an essential role in the road from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 of the internet.

Token Address: 0xa83bC4A09734a4e41718b17B16AEEBDc14d5Ec83

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2% Liquidity Pool
2% Marketing & Development
Transfer tax is equal to 0%
Locking 60% of the liquidity up for 365 days
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The short-term goal of Hopium Ecosystem is to use blockchain technology to solve user social pain points and put a series of critical web 3.0 features into practical applications. The longterm goal is to become a new entrance to the high-frequency social activities of the crypto population and thus to become the gateway of Metaverse.


Hopium is the governance token of HOPIUM ECOSYSTEM and the utility token of Hopium Ecosystem.


will be issued

Hopium Defi


Stage 1 - Meme

• KYC (Know Your Customer)
• Receive Audit from (InterFi Network)
• SAFU Badge
• Fair Launch on Pinksale
• Launch the Token on DEX’s (PancakeSwap and UniSwap)
• Get Listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
• Hopium DeFi Redistribution Model
• Hopium DeFi Swap
• Hopium DeFi Consensus
• Trust Wallet and MetaMask Wallet complete with Logo and Tickr
• Tier 3 and, if possible, Tier 2 CEX Listings
• Hopium DeFi bug bounty campaign

Stage 2 - Meme

• Create Hopium DeFi Wallet.
• Tier 2 (if not already done) and Tier 1 CEX Listings.
• Release the newly revamped website with full functionality.

Stage 3 - Utility

• NFT Marketplace.
• Hopium DeFi Social CRM Platform.
• Hopium DeFi Social CRM Platform.
• Hopium DeFi NFTs for social influencers.
• Hopium DeFi App.

Stage 4 – Marketplace

• GIG Generating Marketplace.
• The MetHopium DeFi sentiment tokens.
• Be listed on over 100 exchanges.

Stage 5 - Decentralized Governance

• Hopium DeFi DAO.


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Hopium Defi
3915 W Olympic Ave, Spokane WA, 99205
+1 844 888 8488

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